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Parking Lot Sweeping Information

Parking lots tend to have a lot of traffic which creates a lot of trash. But trash isn't the only thing that needs to be swept. Our parking lot sweeping service includes sweeping leaves, asphalt rock, dirt, and any debris. 

This service helps keep your parking lot clean making your business more appealing to the customer. It also helps keep the lot itself in better condition. A dirty parking lot can cause cracks and many different issues drastically effecting your parking lots longevity. Needing to fix or replace sections of your parking lot will be much more expensive then a simple parking lot sweep. 


Cleanliness is vital to any business. Not only does it add appeal to your commercial establishment, but it also keeps your employees and customers safe. This is why maintaining a set of cleaning tools is necessary to maintain a business property.

While traditional cleaning tools, such as brooms or mops, can be used in smaller spaces, they’re no longer enough if you a have a big building that needs regular cleaning. You need industrial cleaning machines that are durable and easy to use. Because your staff will save time and energy when cleaning, an investment in such equipment becomes cost-effective.

 A ride-on-sweeper, particularly, is among the most commonly used and beneficial pieces of cleaning equipment that businesses use. There are factors that will help you determine the best time to hire us to sweep your facility.


The size of the area to be cleaned is a crucial factor in deciding the type of sweeper to use. A ride-on can cover more than 6,000 square meters per hour. If you’re cleaning an area that is more than 50,000 square feet, a ride-on is recommended as the fastest—therefore, most labor-efficient—option.

A walk-behind, on the other hand, is fine for an area of fewer than 50,000 square feet, while street sweepers are best for car parks, footpaths, sidewalks, loading bays, and other smaller spaces.

 Newer street sweepers are capable of collecting small particles of debris. Many street sweepers produced today are PM10 and PM2.5 certified, meaning that they are capable of collecting and holding particulate matter sized less than 10μm and even down to 2.5μm. Despite advancements in street sweeping technology, the mechanical broom type street sweeper accounts for approximately 90 percent of all street sweepers used in the United States today.

 There are a couple of types of street sweepers. There are those that clean the streets with brushes and those that clean with air. The basic function of any street sweeper is the same, though: The dirt has to be scrubbed from the road; it needs to be put in a little pile, and that pile needs to go into a bin until it can be disposed of properly. 

 Conventional street sweepers have jets under their trucks that shoot water onto the street's surface to keep flying dust particles to a minimum, while spinning brushes scrub the dirt free from the streets and gutters. A cylindrical brush under the truck sweeps the debris onto a conveyor belt that leads to a storage container. Sometimes, instead of the cylindrical brush, a vacuum-like mechanism will suck the debris into the container. 

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